Vincent Ke
vincent ke working for you

Stand With Vincent Ke

    Vincent Ke values you, the people. He values honesty, hard work and community.  

     Being a vocal advocate for seniors, disabled people, and residents of long-term care homes, Vincent understands the importance of being a strong voice for the vulnerable.  

    During the pandemic, Vincent initiated a variety of practical community outreach projects to help ease the strains and the stresses felt by many of you. He and his team delivered hand sanitizers, face masks and information flyers. He encouraged residents to get a vaccine with his Every Shot Matters campaign, and held many vaccine certificate lamination events in the community.   

    A proud Canadian of Asian-descent, Vincent appreciates the immigrant experience and values their significant contributions. Don Valley North is a multicultural, diverse and inclusive community. Vincent knows that each of us strengthen the Ontario spirit, and we all add to the dynamic development and seasoned success of our province.

    As a married father of one son, Vincent empathizes with workers, small businesses and hard working families who rely upon a vibrant economy in Ontario. He values our children and their need for a good education. They are the students of today who will grow to become the leaders of tomorrow. Thanks to the incredible teachers, Vincent is hopeful that this generation and the next will be well-prepared to compete in the world of the future.

    Together, as we work to create better times ahead for us all, Vincent will continue to value you, your courage and your convictions.

    Together, the best is yet to come.

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