Amid heat wave cries for help silenced by hum of Liberal AC units

Brown repeats calls for a provincial maximum temperature policy in schools

With a heat wave sweeping Ontario and leaving classrooms sweltering, the Liberal response has been cold as ice. In Question Period today, Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown repeated calls for a maximum temperature for schools to be instituted – a suggestion the Liberals rejected yesterday.

“This isn’t just a Toronto problem; the extreme heat is impacting students across Ontario. Why won’t the premier show leadership and mandate a maximum temperature for schools,” charged Brown in Question Period. “The Liberals have said this is a decision for local schools boards. But that doesn’t sound like leadership to me.”

Brown also took issue with the premier’s out of touch comment yesterday where she brushed aside the heat wave by pointing out that she had to move to a different, air conditioned office for a meeting.

“I want to start by apologizing – as yesterday I assumed the premier had air conditioning in all of her offices. And I want to again offer my apologies for the huge inconvenience it must have been for the premier to move her meeting to another room. Unfortunately, when it’s 30 degrees out and schools are sweltering – children and teachers don’t have the opportunity to just move to another room.

“It looks like the Liberals can’t hear cries for help over the hum of their government office air conditioning.”