Andrea Horwath hiding real NDP Agenda to destroy jobs in the North

Star NDP candidate is a long-time radical who devoted his career to destroying Ontario’s mining industry 
This morning, before the Northern Ontario debate, Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford exposed that, for all of her talk of supporting Northern Ontario, Andrea Horwath is actually recruiting star candidates who want to destroy Northern jobs.
“Now we know Andrea will claim that she will fight for the North today. But after she is done in the North she will head back to Toronto and huddle with a group of radical special interests who would like nothing more to than to destroy Northern Ontario’s resource sector,” said Ford. “In fact, the NDP is even recruiting these radical special interests as their star candidates.”
Ford drew attention, in particular, to the NDP candidate in Lanark-Frontenac and Kingston. Before signing on to Andrea Horwath’s NDP, Ramsey Hart was a professional anti-mining activist who spent years attacking Northern Ontario development at a radical special interest group called ‘MiningWatch’.
“Ramsey Hart did not just make one or two negative comments about the mining industry. He dedicated his entire career to attacking the mining industry — shutting down mines, and forcing miners out of a job,” added Ford. “It is his personal crusade.”
In Hart’s previous career he dedicated his time to shutting down development of the ring of fire, and raising mining taxes in order to force mine workers into unemployment.
“Once upon a time the NDP would be the first people to fight for mine workers, mill workers and factory workers,” said Ford. “But today’s NDP is working for people like Ramsey Hart. I want you to imagine Ramsey Hart in cabinet as the NDP Minister of Natural Resources. Because Andrea Horwath sure can.”
Ford highlighted the growing rift in the NDP between its traditional role as a protector of workers, and its new identity as a home for radical activists who oppose all forms of economic development, including developing the North’s resources.
“It is clear there are two different NDPs,” Ford concluded, “Andrea Horwath is trying to hide this from Northern Ontario, but now she’s been caught. I am calling on Andrea Horwath to have the courage to stand and defend her star candidate’s remarks during the debate.  And, if she won’t defend him — she should drop him as a candidate.”
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