Andrew Aitken Nominated as Ontario PC Candidate for Waterloo

WATERLOO – The Ontario PC Party is pleased to announce that Andrew Aitken has been nominated as our 2022 Ontario PC Candidate for the riding of Waterloo.

Andrew Aitken is a business professional with over a decade of experience in supply chain planning, operations, purchasing and materials management. As a results-oriented negotiator, Andrew has a proven track record of solving complex issues by utilizing his strong interpersonal and analytical skillsets.

Andrew’s passion for politics and the desire to make a positive change in his community has driven him to run in the upcoming 2022 election.

“I am ready to work hard and earn the trust of my community, as your PC candidate,” said Andrew. “The Ontario PC party has a strong plan to build the best Ontario for families and future generations, and I Iook forward to being a key player in delivering positive change.”

As a dedicated community volunteer, Andrew most recently served as the Vice President and Treasurer at the Waterloo Cooperative Preschool.

If elected, he looks forward to connecting with local residents and how the province can empower Waterloo’s economy and community at Queen’s Park.

“Andrew is an empathetic, bright and adaptable professional who will work hard to earn your support and be a strong advocate for the people in Waterloo,” said Gene DiMira, President of the Waterloo PC Riding Association.