Auditor General calls into question Liberal partisan hydro ads

Bonnie Lysyk, Ontario’s Auditor General has again raised concerns over the Liberal Government’s questionable, taxpayer funded advertising tactics.

In response to a letter from PC Energy Critic Todd Smith, the Auditor General indicated that the government’s advertising insert included with ratepayer’s hydro bills bends the rules for the Liberal government’s benefit. Lysyk writes in the letter (attached): “While the letter of the law was not broken, the intent or spirit of the Act was.”

“It’s disturbing when the Auditor General again raises concerns about Kathleen Wynne’s taxpayer funded advertising campaigns,” said Smith. “Unfortunately this is exactly the type of behaviour we expect from the Ontario Liberals. This is a desperate government who will do anything to mislead people about their train wreck hydro scheme.”

Smith also highlighted that industry experts have informed him that the cost of the Liberals’ promotional inserts will be recoverable through distribution charges on people’s electricity bills.

“That means we have gotten to the point where, because of this government’s desire to use taxpayer money as a re-election war chest, Ontario families will now be paying for government advertising on their hydro bill,” added Smith.

“What this latest act proves is that the Liberals aren’t just creating problems, the Liberals are the problem,” Smith concluded. “There is no power they won’t abuse; there is no line they won’t cross if it might help their re-election.”