BREAKING Liberals appointed exec of company fleecing ratepayers of 100M to lead group tasked with preventing further gaming of system

Rob Coulbeck, VP of Goreway Power Station, was the co-chair of Market Renewal Working Group, which Liberals say will clean up electricity system

The VP of a power generating company that gamed ratepayers for $100M was appointed by the Liberal government to lead a task force responsible for preventing further abuses of the system. Rob Coulbeck, VP of Goreway Power Station, was appointed co-chair of the Market Renewal Working Group. Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault has specifically referenced the market renewal in the legislature as signs the Liberals are cleaning up the energy sector. 

“Kathleen Wynne has put the fox in charge of the hen-house,” said Ontario PC Energy Critic Todd Smith. “Only a Liberal Party whose untrustworthiness knows no limits would appoint the VP of a company that has cost families $100M on their hydro bills to a taskforce responsible for preventing customers getting ripped off again.”

The abuses were buried in an OEB report which was covered up by the Liberal government and never announced via press release. The Auditor General is expected to reveal more information on the issue in her annual report tomorrow.

“Kathleen Wynne has driven Ontario families and seniors into energy poverty. People are choosing between heating and eating. She must come clean today on how much money is owed to electricity customers. And she must explain why she appointed the VP of this favoured company to lead oversight and prevent the very abuse of the system they created.”