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Wynne Liberals tell businesses worried about wage hike to raise prices

Kathleen Wynne’s Labour Minister has some advice for small businesses worried about the reckless minimum wage hike: raise your prices.

When questioned by the media about a new report from the Financial Accountability Officer that shows at least 50,000 jobs will be lost as a result of an upcoming minimum wage hike, Minister Flynn had this to say:

Reporter: “Minister, you just said there’s a number of things that small businesses could do in order to prepare for a $15 minimum wage. What are those things?”

Minister Flynn: “Well, I think they could look at pricing, obviously that’s one thing that obviously any business would do…”

Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown had this to say:

“The Ontario PCs support the $15 minimum wage, but this statement from the Liberal Labour Minister is further evidence that the Wynne Liberals are out of touch with small businesses and families. Their reckless approach to the minimum wage is that it’s their way or the highway. They refuse to listen to any independent experts who are advising them to caution, and they continue to push ahead to suit their own political timelines.

“When it comes to the increasing minimum wage, they’re giving Ontario businesses two options: lay off staff or raise prices. Some businesses will have no choice but to do both. Life is already harder under the Wynne Liberals. Ontario families are working harder, paying more and getting less. They can’t afford to pay more for everyday things like groceries and gas.”