Brown marks start of fall Legislative session promises to hold the tired politically corrupt Wynne Liberals accountable

This morning, Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown detailed the PC Caucus’ plans to hold the Wynne Liberals accountable in advance of the fall Legislative sitting.

“Life’s harder with the Liberals, and after 14 years in power they’ll never change. Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals are only in it for themselves and their insider friends,” said Brown. “With the Legislature back in session, the Ontario PCs look forward to hitting the ground running and holding the government to account.” 

Among his priorities, Brown listed stopping Hydro One’s recent application for a $141 per year rate hike, Hydro One’s $7 billion purchase of a foreign dirty coal burning company, and the secret deal with Quebec for even more power Ontario doesn’t need. He also focused on the need for movement on the Ring of Fire, and the accountable spending of taxpayer dollars on infrastructure projects and within government advertising.

Brown also took time to highlight the two ongoing court trials facing the Wynne Liberals, including one which will see Premier Wynne take the stand in a historic first.

“It really is a sad day that a sitting Premier will testify in a trial resulting from police charges,” said Brown. “Make no mistake. It is Liberal political corruption that’s on trial.”

Brown also pointed to recent examples of Ontario PC momentum, including the nomination of Caroline Mulroney in York-Simcoe as a candidate for the upcoming election, and Ross Romano’s recent by-election win in Sault Ste. Marie.

“The next election will be about who will make it easier for Ontario families to make ends meet,” concluded Brown. “We will continue to work hard every day on behalf of Ontario families so that they can pay less and get ahead.”