Brown on End of Legislative Session Life is Harder Under the Liberals

QUEEN’S PARK – Today marks the end of the spring legislative session at Queen’s Park. Leader of the Ontario PC Party Patrick Brown used the opportunity to reflect on the last four months as well as his first year as Leader.


“We have spent the past year presenting a new PC Party that is pragmatic, modern, and ready to govern,” said Brown. “We’re reaching out to communities and stakeholders who we haven’t engaged with before, or those who haven’t felt at home within our Party.  And we are welcoming new members from every corner of our province.”

Brown also highlighted how the Liberal Government’s scandal, mismanagement, and waste continues to make life more unaffordable for Ontario families and businesses, such as:

  • The Liberal’s 2016 Budget which brought Ontario’s debt to over $300-billion for the first time in the province’s history.
  • Cuts to transformational IBI therapy for children with autism over the age of five.
  • Premier Wynne’s Cabinet Office awarded David Herle, the 2014 Liberal Campaign Co-Chair and the Premier’s personal friend, $1-million in government contracts.
  • The Auditor General confirming the Pan Am Games were over budget by $342-million. The Auditor General also said she was unable to obtain answers and hard drives requested because TO2015 disposed of them.
  • The Liberal Government’s hidden agenda to ban natural gas at the cost of $3,000 a year for Ontario families.

“Simply put, life is harder under the Liberals. Their complete disregard for the best interests of Ontarians is deplorable.  And Liberal ethical lapses just keep piling up.  They’ve let their integrity rot. It’s only about the Liberals helping the Liberals,” said Brown. “They don’t care who they hang out to dry – children with autism, our independent Legislative officers, patients, or our dedicated frontline staff. This is a tired and self-interested government that has lost its way.”

“Our province deserves a Government that puts the needs of Ontarians first. A Government that works hard to help Ontario families and businesses reach their full potential.  It’s time for positive change.”