Centralizing Government Procurement

New centralized procurement agency will enable a whole-of-government approach to purchasing goods and services, saving taxpayers money

COVID-19 shone a light on Ontario’s outdated and fragmented procurement system. 

This has validated our PC government’s commitment to centralize the Ontario Public Service, Broader Public Sector, and health sector procurement through a single stream, allowing the public sector to buy as one and provide the oversight necessary to align supply with demand.   

That’s why we are establishing Supply Ontario, a new supply chain agency that will modernize the province’s procurement system and deliver enhanced value and outcomes for Ontarians. Supply Ontario will provide Ontarians with tangible results, including:

  • Delivering the best value by sourcing high-quality goods at scale to serve the public interest in a financially responsible way.
  • Stabilizing access to a high-quality supply of critical products, including PPE.
  • Stimulating job creation and economic growth by producing more Ontario-made goods.
  • Driving innovation of emerging technologies.
  • Connecting small businesses and entrepreneurs to government and its customers by acting as a first purchaser for emerging technologies and paving pathways to the marketplace to drive innovation in Ontario.

By centralizing the provincial supply chain, we will deliver better value for taxpayers. Most importantly, it will ensure that schools, hospitals, and the entire public sector always have the supplies and equipment needed to keep our province safe and secure.  

This is a made-in-Ontario solution that will also support greater domestic production, driving job creation and economic growth. It will open up opportunities for Ontario manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and innovators to enter the playing field and bid for projects to supply our province, as they have done so heroically during the pandemic.  

Modernizing and centralizing our supply chain system is a forward-thinking example of how we are building a government that works for you.