COVID-19 Fall Preparedness Plan

The Keeping Ontarians Safe Plan will help prevent illness and protect communities in the wake of a second wave of COVID-19 and the flu season

For months, our PC government has been developing one of the most robust and comprehensive COVID-19 fall preparedness plans in the entire country.

We are making an unprecedented investment of $2.8 billion for our fall preparedness plan to fortify the frontlines of our health care system and ensure we are prepared for future waves of this virus, while ensuring our most vulnerable continue to receive the absolute best care from our top-notch health care professionals and their loved ones.

Ontario’s comprehensive plan, Keeping Ontarians Safe: Preparing for Future Waves of COVID-19, ensures the province’s health care, long-term care and education systems are prepared for the immediate challenges this fall, including a second wave of COVID-19 and the upcoming flu season. The Plan will allow the province to quickly identify, prevent and respond to surges and waves of the virus to protect the health and safety of all Ontarians.

The Keeping Ontarians Safe plan focuses on six key areas to rapidly identify and respond to COVID-19 outbreaks and surges, build health system capacity, and reinforce the province’s health care workforce. These areas are:

  • Maintaining strong public health measures, including continued expansion of testing and case and contact management:
  • Implementing the largest flu immunization campaign in Ontario’s history
  • Quickly identifying, managing and preventing COVID-19 outbreaks
  • Accelerating efforts to reduce health service backlogs
  • Preparing for surges in COVID-19 cases
  • Recruiting, retaining, training and supporting health care workers, while also continuing to engage families and caregivers

To support these six key areas of focus, our government also released plans to support long-term care homes and schools and childcare centres.  

By implementing this plan and reminding everybody to continue following public health advice and measures, we will be prepared to respond to any scenario.