Creating and Protecting Jobs

Good jobs foster strong families, strong communities and ultimately, a strong economy.

That’s why our PC Government is committed to creating quality jobs across the province, growing small business, and attracting investment. And our Party is delivering on that vital commitment, as part of its plan to build Ontario together through a thriving and growing economy.

Since taking office in June 2018, employment in Ontario has risen by 307,800 jobs. In January alone, employment increased by 15,900, led by full-time, private sector job growth. And looking back to 2019, Ontario continued leading the nation in job creation, as the province accounted for nearly 3/4’s (74%) of Canada’s total job creation.

Your PC Government is bringing quality jobs back to Ontario families.

But there is more work to be done. That’s why our Party is taking action on reducing red tape and the cost of doing business in Ontario through the Better for People, Smarter for Business Act. Our Party is also hard at work supporting small businesses, cutting the small business Corporate Income Tax rate by almost 9%.

These efforts and more are saving the business community over $5 billion and giving job creators the tools they need to help cultivate a prosperous Ontario.