Did taxpayers pay for Wynne’s Sudbury trip Liberals won’t say

Wynne swore oath on bible saying that: “I am the Leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario.”

In Question Period today, the Liberal Government refused to answer a question on whether or not Premier Kathleen Wynne and her entourage’s trip to Sudbury was paid for by taxpayers. During her testimony, the Premier was very clear that her appearance in court was as Leader of the Liberal Party, not as Premier of Ontario.

“The Premier was adamant that she was testifying in the Sudbury bribery trial as the ‘Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.’ In fact, she swore an oath on the bible and opened her testimony saying, ‘I am the Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party,’” charged PC Deputy Leader Steve Clark in Question Period.

“So I ask Mr. Speaker, who paid for the Premier and her entourage’s flights and accommodations in Sudbury? Who paid – the Liberal Party or the Ontario taxpayers?”