Doug Ford and the Ontario PCs Secure the Future of Clean Steelmaking in Ontario

Historic $1.8 billion deal with ArcelorMittal Dofasco will protect more than 4,600 good jobs in Hamilton

HAMILTON, May 18, 2022 – Today, Doug Ford announced that a re-elected PC government will continue to stand up for and secure the future of clean steelmaking in Ontario. 

“After 15 years of the Del-Duca Wynne Liberals chasing jobs away, the Ontario PCs are bringing jobs and investment back to Ontario, including in clean steel here in Hamilton,” said Doug Ford. “Because of failed economic policies, sky-high hydro costs and mountains of red tape, the Del Duca-Wynne Liberals lost 300,000 good manufacturing jobs. Andrea Horwath and the NDP have abandoned manufacturing workers in favour of ideological activists. Their radical left-wing agenda would close every steel factory and chase away blue-collar jobs.”

Recently, the PC government landed a historic $1.8 billion deal with ArcelorMittal Dofasco, which will protect 4,600 good jobs in Hamilton and across the province. This comes on the heels of Algoma in Sault Ste. Marie investing $700 million to also transition to clean steel, making Ontario a global leader in clean steel production.

A re-elected PC government will leverage this transition as it continues to build up home-grown supply chains by connecting clean steel in Hamilton and Sault Ste. Marie to the auto manufacturers producing electric and hybrid vehicles. Doing so will secure the future of clean steelmaking in Ontario and will further distinguish Ontario as a go-to jurisdiction for more game-changing investments from large automakers and other major manufacturers looking to reduce emissions along all their supply chains. 

The PC government’s investments in clean steel will give Ontario a competitive advantage in attracting more investment, create and retain good jobs and help the province meet its greenhouse gas emissions target by 2030. Dofasco’s transition to clean steel alone is the equivalent of taking one million cars off of Ontario’s roads.

“Ontario has everything it needs to be a global leader in the manufacturing of clean steel to build the cars of the future right here in Ontario,” added Ford. “Under the Del Duca-Wynne Liberals, major employers and whole industries left Ontario, losing jobs, hurting families and hollowing out main street communities. Andrea Horwath and the NDP would be an expensive disaster for our economy. Only the Ontario PCs will get it done and secure the future of clean steelmaking as we rebuild our economy with better jobs and bigger paycheques.”

Doug Ford is the only leader with a real plan:

  • Rebuilding Ontario’s economy with good manufacturing jobs, more support for small business and a mining plan that will finally open up the Ring of Fire.
  • Working for workers by encouraging apprenticeships and opening up jobs in the skilled trades, allowing colleges to grant three-year degrees and increasing the minimum wage.
  • Building highways and infrastructure, including Highway 413, the Bradford Bypass while investing in the 401 East.
  • Keeping costs down by lowering gas taxes, getting rid of license plate stickers and removing unfair tolls on Highways 412 and 418.
  • Plan to stay open by hiring more nurses, doctors and personal support workers, allowing more seniors to stay in their own homes and producing more vaccines and critical supplies like PPE right here in Ontario.

Only Doug Ford will Get it Done.