Doug Ford Commits to Welland Hospital

Today Doug Ford announced that an Ontario PC government would commit to keeping the Welland hospital open. Specifically, Doug Ford announced a planning grant to identify the important local services residents need at the Welland Hospital. 
“It’s time for hallway health care in Ontario to come to an end and closing the Welland hospital would only make things worse. Keeping access to local high quality healthcare in Welland is key for seniors and the 100,000 people who rely on the hospital,” said Ford. “Our PC candidate April Jeffs and our team realize that getting local high quality health care will keep the people of Welland safe and healthy with the highest level of service they deserve.”
The planning grant would cost approximately $500,000 and lead to a thorough study identifying the level of services and upgrades needed to keep the hospital open and offering the important front-line services the people of Welland need.
“Ontario deserves the best health care system in the world. We already have the best doctors, the best nurses, and the best front-line workers. Taking them away from a local community is not the answer, that’s why we are committed to the Welland hospital,” continued Ford.
“The NDP have not committed to the full level of services. They must think that seniors and those in need of help should wait for an ambulance and the hour long drive to the hospital to get the care they need. Only the PC Party will be able to offer the care people deserve,” concluded Ford. 
Additionally, the Ontario PC Party is committed to the new Niagara South hospital.