Doug Ford Formally Commits to Reducing Taxes for Ontario Families

Ontario PC Party complies with Taxpayer Protection Act by sharing lower tax plan with Elections Ontario
Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford today complied with the Taxpayer Protection Act, 1999 by formally submitting a letter to Ontario’s Chief Electoral Officer committing that he will not introduce new taxes or increase existing taxes during his mandate.
The Ontario PC Party is releasing Ford’s letter, the full text of which is included below:
To: Greg Essensa, Chief Electoral Officer
From: Doug Ford, Leader, Ontario PC Party
Dear Mr. Essensa,
As you are aware, Section 4. (1) of the Taxpayer Protection Act 1999 requires all registered political parties to formally file a written statement that clearly establishes whether they intend to introduce new taxes or raise existing taxes in the event that they form government.
In my capacity as leader of the Ontario PC Party, I am proud to inform you that under no circumstances will any government I lead introduce new taxes or increase taxes on the people of Ontario.
Instead, I have publicly committed throughout the duration of this election campaign that an Ontario PC Government will reduce taxes on Ontario families and put more money in their pockets through targeted relief that will include:
  • A tax credit for minimum wage earners that guarantees they pay no provincial income tax, saving minimum wage earners up to $850 per year.
  • A refundable tax credit for child care that will return up to 75% of childcare costs back to parents to a maximum of $6,750 per child.
  • A  20% reduction in the second, middle-class tax bracket that will save middle class earners up to $786 per year.
  • The elimination of the ‘cap-and-trade’ carbon tax and accompanying reduction in the provincial fuel excise tax on gasoline and diesel that will save drivers 10 cents per litre at the pump.
  • Reducing business taxes from 11.5% to 10.5% and an accompanying 8.7% reducation in Ontario’s small business tax rate.
I believe the Taxpayer Protection Actserves a useful purpose in protecting Ontario taxpayers and I look forward to reviewing the letters submitted by my counterparts in Ontario’s other registered political parties should they be willing to share their real tax plans in public.
With warm regards,
Doug Ford.