Doug Ford Won’t Take Rent Control Away From Anyone

Today Adam Vaughan will launch his provincial Liberal Leadership campaign by attacking Doug Ford. He thinks he is exposing a shocking revelation.

However, a Doug Ford government will maintain the status quo in terms of rent control.

“I have criss-crossed the province, and from one corner to the other, the people of Ontario have told me they are struggling. I have listened to the people, and I won’t take rent control away from anyone. Period.” said Ford. “When it comes to rent control, we’re going to maintain the status quo.”

“Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals are untrustworthy. They will do, say, and promise anything to cling to power. The people of Ontario are looking for real change, and Andrea Horwath and the NDP are going to continue with the same billion dollar deficits, tax hikes, and unaffordable policies that have hurt families and businesses for the last 15 years.”

Quote from Adam Vaughan:

“As a proud Torontonian, I think the rest of the country can go to hell sometimes . . . I’m sick and tired of hearing their whining.” – October, 2007

Quote from Arthur Potts on rent control:

“The rent controls that were brought in by the previous NDP government under Bob Rae decimated the affordable housing market in Toronto and other communities in Ontario because it didn’t allow the private sector to continue to build. They wouldn’t; the returns weren’t there. And they weren’t able to keep upkeep. So the housing stock went into a dismal state of repair, which is why it had to be reversed, as it was. Rent controls continue on the previous suites and don’t exist now. I would resist, tremendously, any amendment to this legislation which would bring back rent control.” – Ontario Hansard, October 6, 2016