Dwight Monck Acclaimed as Ontario PC Candidate For Kiiwetinoong

The Ontario PC Party is pleased to announce that Dwight Monck has been acclaimed as our candidate for the riding of Kiiwetinoong for the next provincial election. 

“Having lived and worked in Northern Ontario for over 25 years, including as Mayor of the Township of Pickle Lake, I know firsthand the challenges that this community faces and understand the issues that truly matter,” said Monck. “I am honoured to be nominated as the Ontario PC Party candidate for Kiiwetinoong under the leadership of Premier Doug Ford. As your representative in Government, we can realize the fullest potential of our community and ensure our needs are a top priority.”

Monck brings a track record of success running for council, serving as Mayor of the Township of Pickle Lake since 2018, demonstrating he has what it takes to win. He is also passionate about public service and putting the needs of the community before all else, with a long career in police service, including as Chairman of the local Police Services Board.

“I’m pleased to welcome Dwight to the Ontario PC team as we look ahead to the next provincial election,” said Brian Patterson, President of the Ontario PC Party. “I know he has what it takes to be a great local representative.”

Additionally, Monck strongly believes in giving back to the community. He currently sits as a Director for the Kenora District Services Board, has volunteered as a referee and assistant coach with Exeter Minor Hockey, and served as a Canadian Firearms and Hunter Safety Instructor.