Expanding Domestic Vaccine Manufacturing Capacity

Investment in Sanofi will create jobs, build on Ontario’s bio-manufacturing capacity, save lives and help prepare us for any future pandemic emergency

Today, our PC government announced a partnership with Sanofi Canada to expand its state-of-the art biopharmaceutical facility in Toronto. This investment will strengthen domestic capacity and meet growing demand for flu vaccines, boost Canada’s preparedness for future pandemics, and create 300 new high-quality jobs.

“This is a critical investment as it will create 300 high quality jobs and push Ontario toward becoming less reliant on others for the production of flu and potentially other vaccines,” said Doug Ford, MPP for Etobicoke North and Premier of Ontario. “By supporting companies like Sanofi we will continue to strengthen our excellent pharmaceutical sector and ensure we are prepared for future public health events with Made in Ontario products.”

Ontario is investing $55 million in the form of a performance-based loan, with support from the federal government ($400 million) and the City of Toronto towards construction of Sanofi’s $925 million vaccine facility to meet growing demand for flu vaccines, specifically for populations at greater risk of influenza.

Through this agreement, the company is committing to an average of $79 million a year in research and development in Ontario, leading to over half a billion dollars in new spending over the life of the agreement. The facility will also require approximately 700,000 eggs daily to produce millions of doses annually, representing about a 7.2% increase to total provincial egg production and adding $55 million in direct GDP in the egg industry value chain.

The support we provide Sanofi will build on this province’s bio-manufacturing capacity, save lives, and prepare us for future pandemic emergencies. The project will result in the production of more flu shots in Ontario, while strengthening the province’s biopharmaceutical industry, making the province a strong candidate for future vaccine production.