Fedeli Wynne Liberals must address health crisis leaving patients stranded abroad

Three recent high-profile cases of patients being stuck abroad waiting for an available bed at Ontario hospitals prompted calls in Question Period by Ontario PC Leader Vic Fedeli for the government to prevent a similar tragedy from happening again.

This weekend, Londoner Stuart Cline tragically lost his life after being stranded in a Mexico hospital with internal bleeding due to a hospital bed shortage in London. After waiting five days, Cline was transferred to a hospital in St. Catharines when a bed became available.

“These tragedies are a direct result of this government’s refusal to properly fund hospitals across the province,” said Fedeli. “It’s a tragedy that should not, and must not, happen again to an Ontario family.”

“Because of this Liberal Government, hospitals are over-capacity, and crowded. Hallways, bathrooms, and closets become makeshift Ontario hospital rooms,” added Fedeli. “That’s unacceptable. Ontario can, and must do better.”

“How is this government preventing a similar tragedy from happening again?” concluded Fedeli. “Will the Premier promise Ontarians that they won’t be stuck in a foreign country, waiting days for a hospital bed?”