Fighting Human Trafficking

Our Party stands firmly against human trafficking. That is why we are proud to support efforts to raise awareness about this heinous crime, and stand with victims of traffickers.


 “We must confront and eliminate the root causes of violence so future generations of women, children and everyone in the province, are safe to live their lives free from the threat of fear, exploitation and violence.” MPP Jill Dunlop said earlier today.


Last year, the PC Government established a sex trafficking round table with federal, provincial and territorial counterparts, aimed at eradicating this crime. These round tables are ongoing and are an important tool for combating sex trafficking in Ontario.


MPP Lisa MacLeod recently stated: “[People] consider this an issue that happens somewhere else, but it is in fact the little girl next door, who can be preyed upon, coerced and then they end up being lured into trafficking,”


Human trafficking is a serious problem which affects communities across Ontario. Our Party will continue to bring awareness to this terrible crime.