Ford Wins First Leaders Debate

Shares positive vision for change in the face of increasingly desperate Liberal attacks
Doug Ford emerged as the victor of tonight’s CityTV Leaders’ debate, after successfully confronting Kathleen Wynne on her record of scandals and mismanagement.
Despite competing in his first ever leaders’ debate against two experienced political debaters, Ford was still successful in fending off a series of increasingly desperate personal attacks from Kathleen Wynne.
Ford also successfully challenged Kathleen Wynne to answer for losing her way and abandoning her principles in favour of special interests and elites, including the CEO Hydro One who today is making $6 million per year on the backs of hydro rate payers. 
Ford used the opportunity to speak directly to the people of Ontario and, through his debate performance, shared the priorities on which an Ontario PC government will focus:
•   Putting More Money in Your Pocket,
•   Cleaning up the Hydro Mess,
•   Creating Good Jobs,
•   Restoring Responsibility, Accountability and Trust, and
•   Cutting Hospital Wait Times
“Kathleen Wynne and Andrea Horwath have been debating for a long time. You have to be on your toes against such well connected insiders,” said Ford, “for my part, I enjoyed the experience as I always enjoy talking to the people and I look forward to continuing to speak to voters at our upcoming debates and sharing my message that change is coming and help is on the way.”