Ford Wins Leader’s Debate

Was only leader on stage offering real relief for the people
Doug Ford was the clear winner of tonight’s leader’s debate, because he was the only leader who used this opportunity to talk about the real issues and pressures facing Ontario families.
“The Liberal Party’s record of job losses, out of control hydro and tax bills and massive deficits is already common knowledge,” said Ford. “But tonight’s debate was an opportunity to pull the curtain back on the real NDP, whose plan for Ontario would be ten times worse.”

During the debate Ford shared details about the Ontario PC Plan for the People which will include reducing hydro bills by 12 per cent, lowering the price of gas by 10 cents a litre, and lowering middle class income taxes by 20 per cent. These measures will save families hundred of dollars per year.

“We’re the only party that is ready to govern on day one,” said Ford. “And we have a plan that will reduce your tax bills, grow the economy and protect health care, education and other public services.”

During the debate, Horwath once again failed to apologize or explain the series of offensive comments from Ontario NDP candidates that have, to date, included sharing Hitler memes online, demanding that gas taxes increase by 35 cents per litre, accusing Canadian soldiers of war crimes, and threatening to shut down Northern Ontario mining jobs. Horwath also failed to explain the $7 billion hole in her platform, and had no answer for the NDP’s documented record of forcing 100,000 people out of work and putting over a million people on welfare.  

Horwath also failed to explain her party’s documented history of supporting the privatization of Hydro One which lead to the outrageous $6 million pay-out to the CEO of Hydro One.

“I found the debate to be a great opportunity for the people of Ontario to see where each leader stands,” said Ford. “You know where I stand, I’m with the little guy and I was proud to be the only leader on stage with a plan to create good jobs, restore accountability to government and cut hospital wait times across Ontario.”

 Lines of the Night:

“With the NDP – there won’t be any large companies left to tax, because they will all be going south of the border.”

-Doug Ford

“We are going to have a booming economy and we will need more nurses, more doctors and more teachers.”

–  Doug Ford

[Andrea Horwath is] promising 30, 40, 50, billion dollars a year, I still don’t know where you are getting all your money from. 40-50 billion dollars. I know where you are getting it from. Do you know where they are getting it from my friends at home? They are getting it from you. They are getting it from the taxpayers.

Doug Ford