GO Transit Service Increases Announced!

Yesterday, the PC Government announced increases in Go Transit service. If you didn’t catch the announcements, here’s what you missed:

In Ajax, our Government announced 15 new trains each week to increase to increase midday and weekday service along the entire Lakeshore East GO line. MPP Caroline Mulroney stated that “when fully in-service, GO Rail Expansion will provide GO customers two-way, all-day GO service, with trains every 15 minutes or better between Oshawa and Union Station on the Lakeshore East line.”

In Brampton, the Government announced 65 new and extended GO Train trips for customers on the Kitchener line each week. Mulroney also spoke on this project stating that “the introduction of hourly two-way evening weekday service between Brampton and Toronto is major step forward in our GO Rail Expansion program that will transform GO into a comprehensive two-way, all-day rapid transit system on core segments of the network.”

In Hamilton, the PC Government announced 44 new and extended GO Train trips for customers on the Lakeshore West line each week. “Doubling train service to Hamilton during rush hour is going to make a real difference for people who depend on GO to commute for work and school,” said MPP Donna Skelly. “Along with year-round weekend service to Niagara Region, these increases will give customers more choice when planning their commutes.”

Our PC Team at Queens Park is committed to its plan to make sure Ontario is open for business. Increasing transit service and convenience for working people is all part of that important plan. We’re keeping our promises and are making sure you have more choice in your commute.