Government finally agrees to Wettlaufer inquiry

WOODSTOCK – Ernie Hardeman, MPP Oxford, said that a public inquiry will ideally help to explain the depth of the problems that led to the horrifying actions of Elizabeth Wettlaufer, and whether correcting these problems earlier could have prevented any of these deaths.

“I have spent weeks listening to the victims’ families and the community about their concerns in this case. It remains unthinkable how eight vulnerable people could have been killed with no one noticing – or worse, turning a blind eye. The public deserves answers,” said Hardeman. “We need to know what happened to ensure that nothing like this can ever happen again, which is why I took action two weeks ago demanding the Minister of Health give us answers.”

Hardeman wrote to the Minister of Health and Long-term Care requesting a full investigation into the deaths, but the Minister did not respond. The government made the announcement following victim impact statements and more calls for a public inquiry.

“The decision to hold an inquiry shouldn’t have taken this long,” said Hardeman. “The government could have provided some comfort to these families earlier by agreeing to their first requests for an inquiry instead of making them wait until now and ask for this inquiry over and over.”