Horwath’s weak response on NDP candidate’s arrest for radical protest needs clarification and action from the NDP Leader

Horwath: “People sometimes do, quote-unquote, ‘radical things’ to get the attention of decision-makers”

This morning, Andrea Horwath faced difficult questions surrounding her radical NDP candidates that she hopes will form the next government.

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EuIoqiLkrY&t=6s

One of her candidates, Jessica Bell (University-Rosedale) admitted she had been arrested twice for her role in protests. When pressed about whether this was acceptable, Horwath’s defence was to say it was a matter of “freedom of speech,” and that her candidate supports the NDP platform.

She also said that, “People sometimes do, quote-unquote, radical things to get the attention of decision-makers.”

The people of Ontario deserve better answers than the weak response that came from the NDP leader. The NDP need to come clean today about Jessica Bell’s arrests, and her history as a radical professional protester, and the NDP need to explain to the people of Ontario whether or not this is acceptable behavior.

This morning, the Toronto Sun also revealed that another NDP candidate made offensive anti-poppy comments, saying the poppy should be thrown into “bleach.”

Jan Johnstone, the radical NDP candidate from Huron-Bruce, was quoted as saying, “…throw the red poppy into bleach and let it sit as the colour bleeds out.”

It’s clear, the NDP is full of radical candidates who are unfit to govern, and would be a disaster for the Ontario economy.

The Ontario PCs have a team that is ready to govern and deliver real relief for Ontario families and bring prosperity to Ontario.