Improving Access to Quality Care for Seniors

Adding 3,000 new and upgraded long-term care spaces across the province

Protecting our loved ones and ensuring they receive the care they deserve is at the centre of everything we do.

To that end, today our PC government announced that it’s moving forward with 29 new long-term care projects, which will lead to an additional 3,000 new and upgraded long-term care spaces across the province. The 29 new projects consist of 2,983 long-term care spaces, including 1,968 new and 1,015 upgraded spaces. These projects will help reduce waitlists and improve the quality of care and quality of life for seniors.

Additionally, we are investing a further $761 million to build and renovate 74 projects under the modernized funding model, creating close to 11,000 safe, modern spaces. This will ensure long-term care homes across the province are being built to modern standards that keep residents safe, by addressing issues like infection prevention and control, and replacing ward rooms with single and double-occupancy rooms.

With this announcement, our government is taking another step towards creating a 21st century long-term care sector that provides the highest quality of care for our most vulnerable people, where and when they need it.