Internal Liberal Cabinet document shows hydro rates to skyrocket to highest level ever after the election

Leaked document also reveals Liberals hid the comeback of the debt retirement charge

“It turns out Kathleen Wynne’s so-called ‘Fair Hydro Plan’ isn’t fair after all. Starting next year, hydro rates will rise again, and by 2024 Ontarians will be paying a record high,” said Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown. “The Liberal scheme isn’t about making life affordable for Ontario. It’s about Kathleen Wynne’s short-term goal of re-election in 2018.”

The details are explained in black and white in a leaked document marked ‘confidential’ presented to the Liberal cabinet in early March 2017. It shows that rates decline in 2017 only to rise the following year. However in 2022, the Liberals’ plan completely falls apart and rates immediately spike. By 2024, they are the highest rates Ontario has ever seen.

The document also reveals that the controversial debt retirement charge will come back, a stunning development that will raise people’s hydro bills further.

“Ontario still has the fastest rising rates in North America, and Wynne’s four-year plan does nothing to change that,” said Ontario PC Energy Critic Todd Smith. “This raises two important questions: why did Kathleen Wynne try to conceal the return of the debt retirement charge and what other secret plans does she have to raise bills further right after the next election.”

The average monthly residential bills will jump to an average of $151/month in 2023. By 2024, Ontarians will see rates jump to the highest ever at $161/month. Ontarians’ rates will jump again in 2026 to an average of $183/month. And by 2030, the rates will jump to $216/month.

Year Average Monthly Residential Bill
2010 $104
2015 $136
2016 $158
2017 $123
2018 $126
2019 $128
2020 $131
2021 $133
2022 $142
2023 $151
2024 $161
2026 $183
2030 $216
2040 $225

You can view the document here: