Kathleen Wynne dangerously and desperately playing politics with international trade

Kathleen Wynne desperately launched a bizarre attack on the President of the United States in the middle of sensitive NAFTA negotiations in a hail-mary attempt to save her political hide.
Wynne said the President of the United States believes in an “ugly, vicious brand of politics that traffics and smears and lies.”

“Just because Kathleen Wynne is suffering from some of the lowest polling numbers of all-time, she shouldn’t be jeopardizing the economic future and stability of our province,” said Ontario PC International Trade critic Lisa Thompson. “Our economy is tied to NAFTA and trade with our American partners. We export more goods to the United States than any other province. This is inappropriate behaviour from a Premier that is supposed to be working for the people of Ontario.”
“This is a desperate play from a desperate Premier who is completely incapable of running on her government’s 15 year record of scandal, waste, and mismanagement,” added Thompson. “These sort of attacks aren’t going to rescue this politically corrupt government. These sort of attacks don’t help anyone, they certainly don’t help Justin Trudeau or our negotiators on the ground.”