Kathleen Wynne spent 200k on Rubber Ducky (really)

Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal bath toys have landed her government in hot water after reports revealed she spent $200,000 on an oversized rubber ducky.

“Kathleen Wynne’s recklessness has left Ontarians drowning in debt and the only life preserver she’s thrown taxpayers is an inflatable rubber duck with a $200k price tag,” said Ontario PC Tourism Critic Rick Nicholls. “This is just more quack economics from a tired Liberal Party whose appetite for wasting taxpayers dollar is limitless. Kathleen Wynne should throw this baby out with the bathwater immediately.”

The rubber duck was purchased as part of the 150th anniversary celebrations. The rubber duck’s connection to Canada’s heritage remained unclear at press time.

“Kathleen Wynne has given hard-working taxpayers another canard. This is simply shameful.”