Kathleen Wynne’s Desperate Election Plea Falls Flat with the People of Ontario

PC MPP Lisa MacLeod responds to the Premier’s desperate election plea

“The campaign hasn’t even started yet and Kathleen Wynne is already desperately trying to scare people with negative attacks,” said MacLeod.

“The truth is, Kathleen Wynne has taken so much from the people of Ontario that her only hope is to make this campaign about anything but her record. 

“She’s trying to run an election campaign against a different candidate in a different country because she can’t defend her record in Ontario.

“It’s a shame that Kathleen Wynne doesn’t have the same level of anger for the 6 million-dollar man at Hydro One, or the people who can’t afford her hydro rates, or the people waiting in hallways for health care.

“Doug Ford is campaigning for the people, and fighting for the issues that matter, like lowering hydro rates and bringing jobs back to Ontario.

“On June 7th, the people of Ontario are finally going to have a government that respects their tax dollars and focuses on the stuff that matters to real people, not Kathleen Wynne’s insider friends. 

“The people won’t fall for Kathleen Wynne’s desperate attacks,” concluded MacLeod.