Keeping Roadsides and Communities Safe

Greater provincial oversight of towing industry will help improve safety, consumer protection and industry standards

The reports of corruption and criminal activity impacting our tow truck industry are unacceptable. While the vast majority of Ontario’s tow truck drivers are good, hardworking people, a small group is out there causing trouble.

That ends now. Our PC government is taking immediate action to improve industry standards and shutdown criminal activity that puts Ontarians in danger on our roadsides through greater provincial oversight of the towing industry.

Oversight will be led by a joint provincial task force. The task force will help develop a regulatory model that will increase safety and enforcement, clarify protections for consumers, improve industry standards and consider tougher penalties for violators, as part of our government’s commitment to build safer communities.

“The party’s over for the bad actors who are engaged in violence and criminal activity in the towing industry. We’re going to keep working with our police partners to bring these criminals to justice,” said Doug Ford, MPP for Etobicoke North and Premier of Ontario. “Setting up this task force will help us bring together experts to develop ways to better protect drivers, operators and inspectors.”

Safety is our government’s top priority. We will work with police, industry and municipal partners to hold these criminals accountable, increase enforcement and strengthen consumer protections.

The government will seek to introduce any regulatory or legislative amendments as a result of this task force’s recommendation this upcoming Fall.