Liberal 14 Year Election Anniversary Scandals Highlight Reel Package

The Liberals won power 14 years ago today – this is their record

On the 14th anniversary of this Liberal Government’s first election victory in 2003, the Ontario PCs have assembled a highlight reel of some of the worst Liberal scandals of their reign. In Question Period, the PCs raised different Liberal scandals with every single question. 

“The Liberals’ record raises key questions: do Ontarians want the same reckless and politically corrupt government who’s only in it for themselves and their well-connected friends?” asked PC Leader Patrick Brown. “After 14 years of waste, scandal and mismanagement, how can we trust Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals ever again?”

Here are some of the highlights of the Liberal record over the last 14 years:

“Kathleen Wynne’s decisions, driven by what’s best for her and her insider friends, are making it harder for you and your family to get by, wasting your money, and threatening the things we value most like healthcare, education, and services for those in need,” said Brown.