Liberal climate plan an attack on finances of families businesses

Billions of dollars in Liberal spending promises to be rolled out ahead of 2018 election

 QUEEN’S PARK – The Liberals’ multi-billion-dollar climate plan is a direct attack on the finances of Ontario families and businesses, PC Environment and Cap-and-Trade Critic Lisa Thompson said today.


“Many Ontarians and small businesses are already struggling to pay the bills. They simply can’t afford higher prices on gas, heating and electricity,” Thompson said. “But the financial reality of Ontario families and businesses hasn’t stopped the Liberals from going on a spending spree with taxpayers’ money. Today, Premier Kathleen Wynne committed to take more than $8 billion from Ontario taxpayers to fund a laundry list of Liberal spending promises that will be rolled out ahead of the next election.”

The government released its reckless climate plan today, which now makes $8.3 billion in Liberal spending promises – up from the $7 billion committed in the draft plan that was leaked to The Globe and Mail last month. That draft plan also included a commitment to phase out natural gas heating in homes by 2030. The Liberals are now trying to hide this fact even though they need to reduce natural gas usage in Ontario by 40% to meet their 2030 target.

“It’s completely disingenuous for the Liberals to claim that their natural gas ban was a rumour when it was in their climate plan that was leaked to The Globe and Mail,” Thompson said. “The facts are the Liberals must cut natural gas usage nearly in half in just over 13 years to meet their climate goals. Premier Kathleen Wynne is now trying to hide this agenda, but Ontarians know the truth. Her reckless climate plan will force Ontario families and businesses off natural gas heating.”

The Liberals’ plan to phase out natural gas will increase the cost of a new home by $150,000 and raise heating bills by more than $3,000 every year. These price increases will put home ownership out of reach for many Ontarians and hurt the province’s residential building sector.

“This Liberal scheme is reckless and unrealistic. It will damage our economy, kill jobs and increase the cost of everything,” Thompson said. “It’s time for this government to stop basing its decisions on the interests of the Liberal Party and start accepting reality.”

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