Liberal Deleted-Document Scandal Delves Deeper into Deception

Yet another day, and yet another explosive revelation in the Liberals’ deleted document scandal. Evidence released by Trillium Power related to their $500 million lawsuit against the Liberal Government alleges that senior Liberals wiped government computers to bury evidence.
Trillium Power also alleges that senior Liberal operatives played favourites in support of another offshore wind company.
“Today’s story proves the political corruption of the Liberal government knows no bounds. They wiped government computers to hide documents in the Gas Plant scandal and now we know they deleted documents to hide their shady dealings with this latest energy scandal,” said Ontario PC Finance Critic Vic Fedeli.
A Freedom of Information request from Trillium Power shows that only one record showed up responsive to their request. Details around the alleged deletion of e-mails relating to Trillium Power are the subject of the fifth OPP investigation into this government.  
David Livingston was recently sentenced to four months in prison for deleting e-mails as a part of the gas plants scandal.  
“The Liberals can’t be trusted. They deleted gas plant documents. They deleted documents in the Trillium Power lawsuit. They wiped computers. This is political corruption plain and simple,” concluded Fedeli.