Liberal Nepean candidate attacks manufacturing jobs

Last night during the Rogers Nepean debate, Liberal candidate Lovina Srivastava attacked Ontario’s manufacturing workers:
“I do not know what everyone’s harping on manufacturing jobs. Well the industry has changed. If you look globally, there are…in the world, in the whole world, there are more service jobs then there are manufacturing jobs proportion wise from what used to be 20 years ago. If you want to live 20 years ago, well that’s fine. And actually that’s exactly what you’re trying to do – not 20, not 40, not 60, but 80 years ago…you want to take us 80 years back by that comment of yours.” (Rogers TV, May 14, 2018)
“I can understand why the Liberals don’t want to talk about the over 300,000 manufacturing jobs lost under their watch. But it’s truly shocking that one of Kathleen Wynne’s candidates would denigrate well-paying manufacturing jobs, suggesting they are an antiquated sector of the 1930s,” said Lisa MacLeod. “The exact opposite is true, with a return of manufacturing jobs representing an opportunity for high-skilled, high-tech employment in our province.”
“Our competitors to the south have seen a recent resurgence in high-paying manufacturing jobs, and the Wynne Liberals are apparently content to see the hollowing out of Ontario continue. Only Doug Ford is committed to bringing manufacturing jobs back to our great province, ” concluded MacLeod.