Liberals Broken Budget Promises The Greatest Hits

Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals will do, say, or promise anything to cling to power. But, their record shows they can’t be trusted to keep their word.

Here are a few of their biggest broken budget promises:

  1. Balanced budgets until 2019-2020 (2017 Budget)The Liberals have been promising balanced budgets for years, but at the drop of a hat, Charles Sousa announced plans to run a deficit of “less than 1 per cent of GDP,” or as much as $8 billion.
  2. Reducing Auto Insurance Rates by 15 Per Cent on Average (2013 Budget): Kathleen Wynne later said this was nothing but a “stretch goal,” designed to get the NDP support for the budget. 
  3. $1 Billion for the Ring of Fire (2014 Budget2015 Budget2016 Budget): The Wynne Liberals continued to re-announce $1 billion in funding for the Ring of Fire, but have failed to take any action on this once in a generation economic opportunity. The Liberals’ most recent Throne Speech and Budget made no mention of this important project. 
  4. The Hydro One Fire Sale (2015 Budget)The Liberals made no mention of their plans to sell off Hydro One during the election campaign, but as soon as they won they flip-flopped their support for public ownership.

Everything that’s promised in tomorrow’s budget will end up in an already long list of broken promises.