Liberal’s legacy the “destruction” of rural Ontario Wynne’s Bay of Quinte candidate

This evening, Kathleen Wynne will be in Hastings, where her candidate in the riding next door once said her legacy will be the “destruction” of rural Ontario, and “the waste of literally billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money.” Robert Quaiff, the Liberal candidate in Bay of Quinte, also serves as the Mayor of Prince Edward County.

In August, 2015, Quaiff wrote a letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne, and then Environment Minister, opposing the Green Energy Act and the wpd White Pines Wind Incorporated industrial turbine project.

Quotes from the letter:
“It is becoming apparent that the legacy of this term of government will be the destruction of and discrimination against rural Ontario, and the waste of literally billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money, both occasioned by the Green Energy Act and the complete lack of cost analysis and informed technical advice which should have preceded its introduction.”

“The undemocratic Green Energy Act…”

“…am calling on you to impose a moratorium on all new wind factories, including that of wpd White Pines, until the Green Energy Act is revisited, democracy is restored, and municipalities are again permitted to decide for themselves whether or not to host these devastating projects…”