Liberals Refuse to Act to Save Victims of Human Trafficking

The Liberal Government blocked three separate PC motions to fast-track the process for Bill 96, Anti-Human Trafficking Act, 2017.

“Instead of helping victims the Liberal House Leader, Yasir Naqvi, is using this important bill as a tool to force opposition members to rubber stamp other government bills,” PC Caucus House Leader Jim Wilson said.

“The Ontario PC Caucus has been advocating for anti-human trafficking legislation for over a year, and is eager to move Bill 96 through committee and to get it back to the legislature for a final vote. But while several committees sit empty, the government forced Bill 96 into a committee blocked by other government legislation in an attempt to force the opposition to support it,” Wilson added.

Bill 96 remains stalled in the Standing Committee on Social Policy behind government Bill 68, an omnibus bill which impacts seventeen laws and required the government to table nearly fifty of their own amendments. All of this the day after the arrest of yet another of an alleged trafficker, who is accused of exploiting ten victims, seven of which are underage.

“This is a crucial piece of legislation that can save lives – it’s very frustrating that government is playing politics with victims of human trafficking. Each day of inaction represents another victim unrescued,” added Laurie Scott, PC Critic for Women’s Issues.