Lisa Thompson Grills Liberals on Failing Cap-and-Trade Scheme

QUEEN’S PARK – Rather than address the financial problems identified with cap-and-trade by Ontario’s Auditor General yesterday, the Minister of Environment is continuing to deny the impact his misguided scheme will have on families’ and business’ budgets, says MPP Lisa Thompson, PC Critic for Environment and Cap-and-Trade.

Thompson put the Minister in the hot seat today when she questioned him about the fact that the Liberal cash grab will do nothing but take more money out of the pockets of hardworking Ontarians and drive investment and business from the province.
“Minister Murray can’t refute the AG’s conclusions that this plan will not reduce emissions in Ontario,” said Thompson. “When the Liberals don’t like what an independent legislative officer has to say, they try to discredit them in some way, or attempt to pass the buck to avoid criticism.”
Most concerning about the AG’s findings, was the fact that the bulk of the money being spent by Ontarians on the Liberals’ cap-and-trade scheme will be sent outside of Ontario to California and Quebec, to the tune of $466 million by 2020 and the only emissions being reduced will be in California and Quebec.
“It seems the Liberals are dead set on bankrupting Ontarians while they raise money to cover their 13 years of waste and mismanagement. It’s time the Premier and her government stopped using Ontarians as her personal ATM machine, and started doing more to put money back in their pockets,” concluded Thompson.