QUEEN’S PARK – Lisa Macleod, MPP for Nepean-Carleton and PC Treasury Board and Digital Government Critic, today joined Trent Hills Mayor Hector Macmillan as he shared his experience of being denied funding for life-saving cancer treatment.


“Ontarians are dying while waiting for bureaucracy and administration to catch up with the treatments that are already available,” said Mayor Hec, as he is known across the townships of Trent Hills.

Ontario is home to world-class health-care, but Mayor Macmillan has been deemed ineligible for potentially life-saving Nanoknife procedure because, though widely practiced in other medical systems, it is considered an experimental procedure in Canada. 

Mayor Macmillan is currently working on an appeal to gain access to the procedure. The Nanoknife process is currently being developed through the University Health Network in Toronto, but Mayor Hec can’t wait and is fighting for out of country funding to receive the procedure.

“A young woman in my riding is currently fighting for her life, and paying out of pocket for cancer treatment that is already working to extend her life,” MacLeod said. “Mayor Hec and my constituent aren’t the first to be denied funding, and if nothing changes, they won’t be the last.  After years of cut after cut to health care, the Minister of Health can’t ignore this any longer. We are failing patients throughout the province.”

Without this so-called experimental procedure, Mayor Macmillan’s chances are bleak. “The Ontario Liberals have sentenced me to die,” he said candidly.

MacLeod announced that she will be using her private member’s business to work with the government and third party to explore solutions, and work to ensure that better patient care is available for all Ontarians.