Making Government Services Simpler Easier to Use and More Convenient

New Ontario Onwards Action Plan will improve the way people and businesses interact with government

The world is changing, and government must change with it.

COVID-19 has revealed that now, more than ever, Ontario’s programs and services need to be more accessible, more reliable, and more convenient.

To that end, our PC government today released an action plan to make government services simpler, easier to use, and more convenient during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The Ontario Onwards: Ontario’s COVID-19 Action Plan for a People-Focused Government is a roadmap to make public sector services more customer-focused and digital- and data-driven, while increasing the speed of government operations and decision-making. Through it the government is focusing on:

  • Making government services more digitally accessible
  • Reducing red tape and simplifying policies while protecting public health and safety
  • Improving government purchasing
  • Creating more responsible and flexible public services

“From the big banks down to family-owned restaurants, Ontario’s business owners have had to adapt to meet the needs of customers during COVID-19, and government is no exception,” said Doug Ford, MPP for Etobicoke North and Premier of Ontario. “The fight against COVID-19 has accelerated our progress to bring more government services online, reduce the amount of paperwork and red tape for individuals and businesses, and ensure we can procure supplies more efficiently, whether it’s personal protective equipment or online learning tools for students.”

The action plan includes more than 30 projects that will improve the way people and businesses interact with government, saving them time while making government operations more efficient.