Mayor John Tory “heartened” and “delighted” following meeting with Patrick Brown to discuss Peoples Guarantee

The People’s Guarantee would see sizable investments in Toronto transit
Earlier today, Mayor Tory made the following comments following his meeting with Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown:

On transit: 

“I am very delighted that the PC Party, I think in a way that is unprecedented since my time there, has stepped up and has said transit is an important issue for the City of Toronto and for the GTA.”

“Today Mr. Brown made it clear to me, as the platform document had done, that he would be focused, among other things, but he would be focused on Toronto transit.”

“Mr. Brown has stepped up and addressed something that we’ve been trying to have addressed up by the province for a long time, the whole time I’ve been here, which is the escalator for the Scarborough subway…”

“Mr. Brown has indicated a strong desire equal to my own to work together to get transit built if he is asked to form the next government. I am heartened by this. I am heartened by the detailed attention given to a number of Toronto’s high-priority issues.”

“What Mr. Brown and the PC Party are saying is they want to make a substantial, meaningful, specific commitment to making that transit happen, both present and future and I think that’s a good step forward.”

On child care: 

“Mr. Brown, I should say, and the PCs, have also committed to significant assistance to families in the crucial area of child care funding.” 

On mental health: 

“I am especially pleased that the platform in addition to that also contains a specific, significant mental health initiative.”

“I am very gratified that this very important area of public policy and good health for the people of Ontario has received significant attention from Mr. Brown and the Ontario PC Party.”