Meet the Real NDP Carbon Tax Crusader Joel Harden

Star NDP candidate openly calling for the highest carbon tax in the world which will increase gas prices by 35 cents per litre.

In the latest revelation about the real Ontario NDP agenda, Ontario PC Candidate Stephen Lecce today revealed that a star NDP candidate is continuing to court radical voters by calling for a $150/tonne carbon tax.

“Joel Harden is openly crusading for a carbon tax that will increase gas taxes by 35 cents per litre,” said Lecce. “This will add $4,100 in new costs to a family with two cars.”

Harden’s carbon tax advocacy is the latest in a long series of exposures about NDP candidates that have included incidents of sharing Nazi memes online, accusing Canadian soldiers of committing war crimes, and advocating violence and property destruction to achieve their economic ends.

“This is the pattern we see with Horwath,” said Lecce. “When NDP candidates slander our men and women in uniform — she does nothing. When NDP candidates share Nazi memes online — she does nothing. And now, when a star NDP candidate openly disagrees with the NDP’s public platform and calls for a 35 cents per litre carbon tax — she does nothing.”

Lecce highlighted that Harden continues to advocate for a massive new carbon tax, despite it not being printed in the NDP’s public platform. Horwath continues to indulge Mr. Harden which calls into question her past comments that NDP candidates are expected to agree with the NDP’s real platform.

“Every single time Horwath has been given an opportunity to do the right thing — she has chosen the easy path,” concluded Lecce. “She always chooses to indulge extremists rather than fight for real people. If that is true today, why should we expect it to change if she becomes Premier?”

Meet The Real NDP

Joel Harden

Ottawa Centre

  • Joel Harden, the radical NDP candidate for Ottawa Centre, has openly advocated for a $30/tonne carbon tax, increasing by $10 a year to 2030.1
  • That carbon tax would equal $150 a tonne by 2030.
  • The Federal government has published figures showing that a $50 a tonne carbon tax would be equal to a 11.6 cent a litre increase on gasoline prices at the pump.2
  • At that rate, this means $150 a tonne is a 34.8 cent a litre increase on gasoline prices.
  • For the average driver – at 20,000 kilometres a year – that would mean a $772.56 increase at the pumps.3
  • Even worse, this punishing carbon tax would also apply to natural gas.
  • The 2018 Ontario budget notes that a $72 a tonne carbon tax would equal $50 more a month in natural gas prices.4
  • At that rate, a $150 a tonne carbon tax would equal $216 more per month on natural gas bills.
  • For the 73 per cent of Ontario households that use natural gas to heat their homes,5 that means they will pay $2,592 more under the NDP.

Laura Kaminker

Mississauga Centre


  • Refuses to wear a poppy, writing in a 2014 blog post, “I just wear my peace button on my jacket as always, and wait for the collective brainwashing to blow over. When our masters give the signal, everyone can take off the fake poppy – made with prison labour – and create a bit more landfill. And another annual ritual of war glorification comes to a close.”6
  • Has attacked sports teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators, and Toronto Blue Jays who honour our troops at games.7
  • A 9/11 conspiracy theorist who strongly believes we should stop memorializing the 3,000 lives lost, including 26 Canadians. In 2010, she wrote “Enough about September 11…for the US. For the world. Enough already,” and in 2011 she wrote “It makes me want to shout: Go away! Go the fuck away! All of you fixating on this one event, the whole world expected to stand in hushed silence because a bad thing happened to Americans.”8
  • While she does not want to honour the troops who have fought for the freedom and rights we all hold dear, she does want to wage a war on Christmas, writing ““If there were a war on Christmas, I’d think about signing up.”9
  • Is a self-described Marxist, who after a conference wrote that it was a “weekend of inspiration, education, and revolution.”10


Tasleem Riaz



  • She shared a pro-Nazi meme on Facebook which featured Adolf Hitler giving a Nazi salute with the quote, “If you don’t like a Rule…Just Follow it…Reach on the top…and Change the Rule” attributed to the German dictator. 11
  • She also called our brave men and women in uniform war criminals who are a “slaughtering machine.”12


Dwayne Morgan

Scarborough North


  • A 9/11 conspiracy theorist who tweeted, “Now if they could do something about Bush’s role in 9/11, people could finally get closure.” 13


Jessica Bell:



  • A professional protester, who co-wrote a handbook on organizing radical protests, and endorses strategies like “occupation,” and “property destruction”14 and a manual accusing the police of targeted assassinations.15
  • As an activist with the Rainforest Action Network, she was part of a group of paid protesters who climbed a crane in Seattle and were arrested for criminal sabotage.16


Rima Berns McGown

Beaches-East York


  • Rima is known for posting anti-semitic and inflammatory language on her blog, which she has since tried to cover up:

○      “Palestinians have borne the brunt of Jews’ traumatized reaction to the Holocaust — such that a fringe idea at the end of the 19th century has become Jewish identity orthodoxy.”17

○      “Netanyahu and his ilk play the Holocaust card every time they counter international criticism. It’s completely instrumental: how can you say no to a man whose relatives were shoved into an oven while your relatives said nothing? But you must. You must say no.”18


Ramsey Hart



  • A career anti-mining activist who has opposed development of the Ring of Fire.19
  • Bragged about the fact that mining companies dislike him.20
  • Wants to raise mining taxes as a roundabout way of shutting down mining exploration across the province.21
  • Has attacked “the [mining] industry’s dirty and dangerous legacy.”22


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