Modernized Curriculum for our Kids

Earlier this year, the PC Government concluded the largest consultation on Education in the Province’s history. The Government listened to the People. As a result, the Government is introducing new and inclusive elements to the elementary Health and Physical Education curriculum.

Ontario schools will now place a special focus on teaching our kids about:


  • Mental health, including social-emotional learning skills
  • Concussions
  • The effects and consequences of vaping and cannabis
  • Cyber safety, including bullying prevention and digital privacy
  • Healthy eating and body image
  • Healthy relationships, including consent


Stephen Lecce, PC MPP for King Vaughan recently stated that “this modernization will keep kids safe in and outside of the classroom”.

Our Party is proud of these new changes and is proud of the Government’s emphasis on consultation prior to any updates made in what kids learn in schools. Our Party continues to recognize the important role parents play and looks forward to continuing to work with parents in making sure the curriculum provides kids with what they need to prepare them for the world.