Modernizing the Justice Sector

New digital platform will allow police to spend more time preventing and investigating crime

Our PC government is committed to providing frontline police officers and justice partners with the tools and support they need to better protect the communities they serve.

To that end, today we announced a significant step in the modernization of Ontario’s justice sector by launching a new digital platform that will accelerate and simplify the way criminal charges are filed and managed.

This initiative digitally connects Ontario’s criminal justice system by allowing police officers to digitally file criminal charges to the court as an alternative to the current requirement of appearing before a Justice of the Peace. The new platform will enable police officers to spend more time preventing and investigating criminal activity by cutting down on the hours they spend filling out paperwork and travelling back and forth to courthouses.

The e-Intake digital platform, which is rolling out in courthouses across northeastern Ontario, will be available across the province by 2022, leading to a criminal justice system that is stronger and digitally connected from end-to-end.

COVID-19 has underscored how outdated Ontario’s justice system has become, and our government is pressing forward boldly on its plans to invest in innovation and new technology. This new platform is an important step toward building a more connected and resilient criminal justice system that will strengthen public safety across Ontario and hold criminals accountable.