Modernizing the Justice System

New groundbreaking strategy will build a more accessible, responsive and resilient justice system

COVID-19 has underscored longstanding challenges that cause delays for Ontarians across a justice system that has been neglected for decades.

That’s why our PC government is launching a Justice Accelerated Strategy as the next chapter in our ongoing efforts to break down barriers in the justice system and speed up access to services – remotely, in-person and online.

Justice Accelerated is a ground-breaking strategy that will build a more accessible, responsive and resilient justice system through strategic partnerships, smart investments in technology, and overhauls to outdated processes. Specifically, it will help establish new and innovative ways of delivering services including:

  • Creating a seamless end-to-end client-focused justice experience through key investments in new technology, an overhaul of court procedure and processes, and substantive modernization of Ontario’s tribunal system through investment in a new case management and dispute resolution system for matters before tribunals under Tribunal Ontario. 
  • Developing the ‘courthouses of the future’ as a modern, technologically enabled community justice hub with state-of-the-art justice services for in-person appearances, including opportunities for self-service and upgraded security and accessibility measures.  
  • Transforming access to justice for Indigenous communities and our most vulnerable by addressing systemic barriers to access justice, as well as leveraging technology to provide faster and seamless access to services for victims and self-represented litigants. 
  • Driving innovation as no other government has done by engaging directly with innovators, entrepreneurs and tech experts to contribute directly to answering some of our biggest challenges and informing how we can redesign and transform how Ontario delivers justice.

The Strategy’s launch includes $28.5 million for a digital case management system to help reduce delays and backlogs at Ontario’s tribunals.

Innovative thinking and bold action over the past year have produced breakthroughs that prove we can better meet Ontarians’ expectations for how justice can be done, and we are not turning back.

Justice accelerated is justice delivered. No matter where you live in our province, the growth and well-being of our communities demands easier and faster access to a justice system that works for people.