MPP Arnott tables 6 resolutions in Legislature

(Queen’s Park) – With the Ontario Legislature back sitting in a new Session of the 41st Parliament, Wellington-Halton Hills MPP Ted Arnott has again hit the ground running by introducing six different Private Members’ Resolutions.


“With each of the resolutions I’ve tabled in the Legislature, we’re calling attention to important issues facing our Riding and the Province, and urging the Government to respond and address them,” Mr. Arnott said.

‎The veteran MPP’s resolutions were tabled on September 12th, the same day as the Government’s Speech from the Throne, at the earliest opportunity which was available. 

They stand out as the very first resolutions on the Legislature’s Order Paper.

“We’re urging the Government‎ to begin planning for the Highway 7 Acton bypass; keep its promise to bring full-day, two-way GO train service to our Riding; help municipalities where there are large volume water taking permits; set a firm date to begin building a new Halton Courthouse; approve the proposed Wilfrid Laurier University campus in Milton; and make plans to start paying down the provincial debt once the budget is balanced,” Mr. Arnott explained. “My intention is to push for all of these initiatives in the coming months.”

During his 26 years as a Member of Provincial Parliament, many of Mr. Arnott’s Private Members’ Bills and Resolutions have passed ‎or been adopted as Provincial Government policy.

“The Government plans to spend over $16 billion on infrastructure this year alone,” Mr. Arnott pointed out.  “We have important infrastructure needs in Wellington-Halton Hills.  If the Government is going to spend that money, we deserve our fair share.”