MPP Harris Lift the veil of secrecy over Nipigon bridge failure test results

Ontario PC Transportation Critic demands for release of results  

QUEEN’S PARK -Ontario PC Transportation Critic Michael Harris today followed up on his  letter to the Premier with a question in the Legislature demanding that test results on the bolts and Ministry of Transportation analysis integral to the January 10th Nipigon Bridge failure be publicized immediately.


“While the Minister quickly pointed to ‘bolt testing’ to find the cause of the January 10th Nipigon Bridge failure, it’s now nine months later,” Harris noted in the Legislature. “The National Research Council and Western University completed their testing in July, and the Minister has the results, but he’s refused to make them public.”

“Will the Premier tell us why she’s allowed her Minister of Transportation to keep the vital Nipigon bridge failure test results secret from the public for months?” Harris asked.

As the Minister continued to drag his feet in his response to the question, Harris highlighted the unanswered questions that have lingered as the waiting game continues.

“Instead of releasing the results, this government continues to stonewall public requests,” asserted Harris. “The Minister has sat on these results all summer, and his silence does nothing to answer questions such as: Did government rush the design before the election? Were there other options? Was there any oversight? Can motorists trust that the first bridge failure will be the last?”

“The people of Ontario are owed an explanation….today!”

Soon after Harris’ questions, the Minister’s office contacted the Critic to indicate they would be providing an update on Nipigon Bridge tomorrow (Thursday).

See Michael’s question in the house here: