MPP Lorne Coe Asks for the resignation of Health Minister Eric Hoskins over cuts to Ontario Shores

QUEEN’S PARK – Today, in the Ontario Legislature, Lorne Coe, MPP for Whitby-Oshawa, questioned the Minister of Health and Long Term Care on his Liberal Government’s failed policies and its cuts to healthcare funding. 


Citing the case of Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, where 68 positions have been cut, Mr. Coe spoke about the growing problems with our healthcare system. 

“In February, I asked the Minister of Health why the government cut jobs at Ontario Shores. The minister’s response was an answer that sounded as though it was drafted in an ivory tower,” said Lorne Coe. “Despite the minister’s protests to the contrary, when you cut front-line services at hospitals, wait times get longer. That’s just a fact.”

The Ontario PC Caucus used Question Period to highlight the impacts health care cuts have had on their constituencies.  MPP Coe concluded his remarks by demanding that the Premier ask for the resignation of the Health Minister.

“My constituents in Whitby–Oshawa sent a strong message to the government that they’re tired of this government’s failed policies which lead to longer wait times and watered-down services, that they’re tired of waste and mismanagement,” added Coe.

“Will the Premier shuffle out the Minister of Health?”

Recent examples of the Wynne Liberals’ cuts to health care include:

  • $815 million cut from physician services
  • 50 medical residency positions eliminated  
  • $20 million slashed from the assistive devices program 
  • $50 million cut to physiotherapy services for seniors
  • 1,400 nurses cut since the beginning of 2015
  • Nine consecutive years of hospital funding cuts, including four years of frozen hospital budgets  
  • Durham Region’s Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences : 68 positions cut
  • Durham Region’s Lakeridge Health: 40 nurses cut
  • Rouge Valley Health System’s Ajax and Pickering site exceeding 100 per cent occupancy.